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"Industry 4.0" era ushered in three opportunities

Update time : 2019-10-16

North China industrial control "core" intelligent technology upgrade, to ensure the clinical testing equipment diagnosis and treatment model transformation

The application trend of DSP in data center

Update time : 2019-10-16

The 100gb data center is already in use, and the next 400gb is expected to be ready for commercial use by 2020.

5G, cloud computing, IOT and edge computing are complementary

Update time : 2019-10-16

5G technology improves the bandwidth and speed of data transmission and improves the scale of device access

The Emergence of New Technologies Has Led Data Centers to On-Board Optical Interconnects

Update time : 2019-10-16

​In the future, on-board optical interconnects will dominate the major markets in the data center.